Listado de películas 3D/4D disponibles para licenciar.

"Mis Adventures "

In 3-D twin 70mm

"SOS Planet"

In 3-D twin 70mm

"Haunted Castle"

In 3-D twin 70mm

"Alien Adventure"

In 3-D twin 70mm

"3D Mania"

In 3-D twin 70mm

"Haunts of the Olde Country" 17'

In 3-D twin 70mm - A hauntingly good tale
of a lad being changed into a dog through an enchanting spell with the all
the good and not so good ghosts getting involved. Filmed on location in and
around four grand castles in England. Good 4-D moments (5P 70 and twin 35)

"Pirates 3-D" 15'

In 3-D twin 70mm - Leslie Nielson and Eric Idle - Comedic swashbuckler filmed on location on and around the Caribbean. Good 4-D moments. (5P & 8P 70mm and other formats)


"Ultimate Flight" 15'

In 3-D twin 70mm - Coming of age show. Filmed in and over Canada and the Grand Canyon. Featuring actual up close and
personal air duels. (5P and 8P 70mm)


"Tall Tales" 15'

In twin 70mm 3-D - Brother and sister journey by boat through a scary Southern swamp to grandfather's cabin where they learn the fine art of storytelling. Has a highly stylized CG stormy tornado sequence. Good 4-D moments. (5P 70mm)


"Lego Racer's 4-D" 15'

In digital format (soon to be on twin 3-D film) - An all CG 3-D production that features a mutable location grand race based upon Lego's high end model and character designs. Good 4-D moments (Digital 3-D & 8P 70mm)

"Dino Circus" 5'
"Paper Plane" 5'
"U-Boat Adventure" 15'
"Dr. NaRam (The Great Chinese Wizard)" 15'
"Dog & Bugs"
"China Pearl"

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