Founded in 1992, Paradise FX Corp is a production and post-production team based out of Los Angeles. Tim Thomas and Max Penner founded Paradise after back to back 65mm projects that had them on the road for the first 3 years, circling the world several times. From 65mm to 35mm and now to High Definition - HD – Paradise FX is well equipped to handle any medium. Prior to Paradise, Max Penner was associated for over 12 years with Ed Dijulio and Cinema Products. Max was instrumental in bringing the Showscan camera system up to speed and making it production friendly. Tim Thomas draws experience as a Key grip and Motion Control Technician for several companies as well as a wide background in Large Format and Special Venue prior to teaming up with Max.

Fusing creative development with technical skills Paradise FX has been involved with clients such as IMAX, Paramount, Universal, Disney, SONY, Lionsgate and many more. Paradise has a full Post-Production facility designed around Apple systems with Fiber raids outfited with multiple OS systems and all different software packages to fit your every need. Paradise has designed a state of the art 3D Dual camera system in addition to having several other 3D-HD/SD/35mm systems in development, and will continue to remain the leader in 3-D camera systems and personnel.

Paradise FX has contacts and associates worldwide, and is well acquainted with global logistics. Seldom surprised, Paradise is diplomatically seasoned with the customs and sensitivities of cultures around the world. Demo reel 3D (Quicktime)


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