Animation has been produced in Argentina since the early forties.

In the last decade, animation has evolved to include CGI effects.

"Zuko & Muko"

Production description

"Zuko & Muko" is a funny animation production based on video bloopers and the comments of this amazing aliens.

"Joe "

Production description

"Joe Cartoon" translation services in spanish, italian, german and french for worldwide distribution.



"One LittleChristmas Tree"

Production description

"One Little Christmas Tree" introduces us to JoJo, the smallest Christmas tree in the forest. Author Jo DeMarco is working in the process to help JoJo to grow from his book to a christmas television special.


With the help of highly talented professionals, we've been able to bring Patoruzú and the Patoruzito comic strip heroes to life.

The character Patoruzú, The Great Patagonian Hero, was created by Dante Raul Quinterno seventy years ago, and still remains popular.

We were given the task to produce Patoruzú and Patoruzito's pilots called:

Patoruzú: The Temple / El Templo

Patoruzito: Hunter / Cazador

It was a two year project which involved making comic strip characters come alive on the screen.

The pilots were produced in Argentina and post-produced in Los Angeles. This is an international production, full animation, English lipsync, computerized painting, art and 3D background. The program features original music, English and Spanish versions, Dolby Surround sound, and Screen Actors Guild talent.

Character Development Stages

"Under Development"

Our company is currently working on several animation co-productions for international release. Here are a few images from each project.



"Aurelio y el Monstruo"

"News Kids TV"

"El Otro"

"El Espaciano"


"El Sacrificador"


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