General Specifications

Price list for video equipment rent (light, camera grips, steadycam, crane)
Price list for staff (light specialists, cameraman, make up artist, costume and art managers)
Make up
Dance specialists (Set up and manage dance scenes -Hip Hop-)
Stunt specialists
Automobile scenes specialists
Fight scene specialists
Acrobatic scenes specialists

A girl, 14-15 year old
Boys (6 people) 14-15 year old
Post office specialist
Body guard (8 people)
Two male adults (to play roles of the presidents)
Mass actors (local people that would make the scenes look natural) - 30 people

A number of narrow streets of a poor area, a house of a poor girl, small square within the poor area
Post office
Premium cars (2 cars)
Old stereo system
Gun mock-up

Description and Concept

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