Productions made in Argentina

Tango around the world

Tango x2 - Miguel Angel Zotto - Su Historia

  • Product of international appeal
  • Sold at:
  • Luxor Theater (Rotterdam) from 06/03 to 18/03/07
  • Chasse Theater (Breda) only 24/03/07
  • RAI Theater (Amsterdam) from 28 /03 to 9 /04/07

Proposals briefing developed by Santiago Chotsourian

Lalo Schifrin and El Bolero de Ravel (ballet)

  • Product of international appeal
  • Local Orchestra in each City


“Rata Blanca”

  • Argentine Rock Band, orchestra version
    Opening in December in Buenos Aires.
  • Well known in Spain and have requests from all over Europe

Juana de Arco (film)

  • Movie theatre projection of a restored copy by the cineteca di Bologna de la Juana de Arco by de Dreyer (silent movie), with life symphonic band an performing choir.
  • Movie theatre projection of a restored copy from cineteca di Bologna of Juana de Arco by Dreyer (silent movie) with life symphonic music and choir.
  • It turned out a complete success due to its high and classy level of product and very low production budget.
  • It was performed by the National blind choir which is a very interesting show in its own right. This is one of the best choirs in Argentina.
  • The orchestra does need to be a large one, since it is a stage “pit” orchestra.


World Music Opera

  • This is the most traditional Armenian Opera called Anoush, with ethnic dances and traditional songs.
  • It will be on stage in Luna Park next year.
  • The French market is a sure one as well as Argentina, Uruguay and the US (NYC), where the production can be in a joint effort with the Erevan Theatre.
  • The Armenian community generates a great number of spectators and the Armenian embassies all over would be interested in partially sponsoring such an event.
  • As a reference, the production in the Colon Theatre had 100 pages of advertising from the local Armenian community.


World Christmas

  • Development of a several years World Christmas bells and belfry concert with choirs in different cities all over the world connected by classical radios, cathedrals, and stadiums all over.

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