1 At the roadcrossing Tucson stands.  Driver is a girl. From the left side another Tucson approaches. Driver is a guy. The guy pays attention to the girl, she ignores him.

art-director comments:

It should be understood clearly that cars are Tucsons. It’s obligatory to show the picture in favorable foreshortened with wide shot.

Quiet music sounds.

2 The guy goes back a little bit. And slaps girl’s Tucson with his door as if he slaps her buttocks with his hand. 

art-director comments:

To solve the problem of understanding of slap at buttocks by the Tucson’s door. Maybe he should slap several times and “stroke”

At the moment of slap – sound of slap at buttocks.

3 Girl inside of Tucson. She squeals and touches her buttocks with her hand.

art-director comments:

To  find the possibility to make this shot not taking frontal glass out.

Girl’s squeal.

4 The  guy understands that he went too far, shuts the door and speeds up. Girl follows him in her car.

art-director comments:

beginning from this moment  “action” appears – mood is corresponding

Dynamic music with kind of suspense sounds.

5 We see that  both Tucsons leave the city.

Music reflects the dynamic of pursuit.

6 New location with natural wild landscape. Guy’s Tucson goes ahead.

For this shot we will need remote control crane.

Music reflects the dynamic of pursuit.

7 Guy drives  to the beautiful beach and comes out of the car for walking around. The car is out of sight.

art-director comments:

Evening with sunset and corresponding shades in picture.

Quite music

8 At this time girl’s Tucson comes to guy’s Tucson. Girl smiles slyly. She opens the door of her car and slaps at fender of guy’s Tucson (as if she slaps in his face).


Dynamic music with kind of suspense sounds.

9 Close-up. Guy touches his face as if she slapps him not his car.


At the moment of slap – sound of slap. Guy says “аh”

10 Packshot

art-director comments:

Car in favorable foreshortened and picture is changing at background during packshot. Shots from different locations where Tucson was shot.

Dynamic music

11 Guy made it up with the girl. They sit with arms round each other on the picturesque beach.

Quiet and romantic music again