Our company was very glad to work with Evergreen Films from Los Angeles in a Discovery Channel production's "When Dinosaurs Roamed America", on location in Patagonia.

2 Nominations and 1 Emmy (Link)

Outstanding Sound Editing For Non-Fiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera) - 2002

When Dinosaurs Roamed America Discovery Channel David Esparza, MPSE, Sound Editor Nancy Kyong Nugent, Sound Editor Michael Payne, Sound Editor Jonathon Wareham, Sound Editor

Outstanding Animated Program (for programming one hour or more) - 2002

When Dinosaurs Roamed America Discovery Channel Tomi Bednar Landis, Executive Producer JOHN COPELAND, Produced by Pierre De Lespinois, Executive Producer/Director Georgann Kane, Writer Fran LoCascio, Executive Producer Don Waller, Animation Director

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John Copeland (producer) with Julio Serna

Shooting with Cable-Cam

Setup a shoot near of volcano in activitie.

Long crane for dinos POV simulation.

Special Effects crew working on location.

HDTV Sony camera on crane.

A location where time has stoped.

Location near Andes mountains.



Sequence storyboard

Ancient tree cover all area.


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