Wild Tango! Storyline Final It was a time of great social turmoil and deep uncertainty in a country that was growing out of large waves of immigrants. They came from all lands and all races. Several generations of "mestizos" and foreigners had already settled. There was a mistrustful climate among social classes. It was in 1900, a few short years after the beginning of century. Passions were unrestrainable, the music was alien but the greatest expression of feeling was born, the Tango. Banned by the Catholic Church and considered sacrilegious by high society, its enormous force penetrated deeply into the hearts of sentimental and passionate people. Perhaps because it's the most sensual of dances with the most haunting rhythm and vivid lyrics ever heard. By chance, a young woman is falls under the combined spell of the Tango and an impossible love, both alien to the sedate world of her powerful family. Yielding to her passion, she decides to explore the wild atmosphere of the Tango night, along Buenos Aires. She slips out of her Estancia by night and wanders into the "Bar de las Copas". There, she meets Julian, a simple, stouthearted "porteo" who wins her over and for the first time she takes the full measure of her womanhood. Hiding from her family and Pierre, her fiancee, he teaches her to dance the Tango with its sweet and sad melodies. She realizes how incomplete her life has been, now that passion fills its emptiness. Changing her appearance, she escapes from her world only to be recognized by someone; and a tragedy ensues, precipitated by her jealous fiancee. A journey along the ways of the Tango, Buenos Aires early in the century. A society difficult to fathom, save through the music of the Tango. A love story, a great passion and the most moving music ever heard. Back