Our company was very glad to work with WorldLocations, USA, in a location scouting of a TV series, on location in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I need a 3/4 bedroom house in Buenos Aires for a two week booking ( filming ) and for the cast and crew to stay in. Should be in an interesting neighbourhood ...not too far out . There must be an outside space available - terrace / garden / or roof terrace if its an appartment. It would need to be available for the last two weeks of February 2009. I would need images and description as soon as possible. All the filming will take place on the property - its for a TV show.

The house MUST be central
Could be spanish style or maybe modern large spaces and a garden it is for TV so they will stay there and shoot
there. It is NOT a reality show but it is a contest show
( like Pop Idol / Britains Got talent etc ).
I really need submissions today as am on a deadline
also need as much info with the submission
number of bedrooms / bathrooms ..how many square metres ..how big is the garden ...is it private ..how close to the centre of BA ...and the price for two weeks
stay and shoot .
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Production Information
Preliminary Schedule
Weather (February)

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