Our company was very glad to work with Film Tower, Estonia, in a location scouting of a TV commercial, on location in Caracas, Venezuela.
1st day, daytime, street cafe in the downtown in some pedestrian street.

35 mm camera with lens;
10 rolls of 122m;
Small crane + rails;
10 businessman extras in the cafe, 1 featured extra (waiter or waitress), 20 business people extras in the street;
Art assistant;
Wardrobe assistant.

2nd day, day and evening (magic hour), sun sets to the sea. The beach shouldn't be too sweet, not a "Bounty" style rather with some cliffs, stones or rocks.

35 mm camera with lens;
10 rolls of 122m;
2 beautiful horses;
Man and woman doublers (stunts);
Wardrobe assistant.
Also we would consider the possibility of using your actors since they have to be Latin looking. The references are Antonio Banderas and Katherine Zeta Jones. So I guess you have plenty of this type characters in Buenos Aires. Buyouts are for 2 countries (Lithuania and Latvia) for 2 years.
Please also include the Casa Particular for 7 people for 8 days.

- We need an modern European looking city pedestrian street, glass & metal buildings and the rocky beach.
- We'll bring art director with us, we need only assistant.
- We'll need only dressing lady for costumes, we'll bring costumes with us
- references of actors would be very nice to have. Catherine Zeta Jones and Antonio Banderas are the references
The brand is Italian but as you know lot of other commercials are done by local small agencys.
That is planned only for the Latvian & Lithuanian market with population 3,5 & 5 mil.
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