Our 25 years of production experience allows us to offer you a wide range of services for motion pictures, TV productions, commercials, documentaries and photography.

Film Production Argentina is delighted to work with Shorts TV, USA in the search for documentaries for its programming in Latin America.
Photo Production for CAP in a Zara Kids upcoming campaign.
Photo Production for Creative Chaos for Aritzia upcoming Fall 16 campaign.
TV Production "Matching Champions" for West 4 Media
Photo Production for Carrie Heather Productions
TV production for FashionTV
Hip Hop Video Clip for Global Media Line
Feature Film Production
for Prism Group
Bond 23 film production
for Pinewood Studios.
TV commercial & photo production
for Pepe Jeans.

TV commercial production
for Film Tower (Estonia).

Ekstra beer commercial for Film Tower (Estonia).

TV series
for World Locations.
"Mega Heist", TV series
for Discovery Channel.
"Location Scouting", photo production
by Alejandro Burset.
"Tucson" Hyndai, TV commercials
for Pronto films.
"kpi" TV seriesshooting in Patagonia, Argentina
for BBC London.

Film production, for Oxy
Photo production, for Zooma.
Symbian film commercial, for Matea Media.
Citizen film commercial, for Reality Bits.
"Fashion Photo Productions"
for Cherry Public Relations.

"Horizon" TV commercials
for Docevita films.
"Photo Production "
for isle 8 films.
"Film Production"
for Mr. Mohan from India.
"When Dinosaurs Roamed America
for Discovery Channel.

"Dino Death Trap"
for National Geographic Television
"Winter Collection"
for SELF magazine.

"SOCOM3" Sony Playstation
by Byll Williams - Photography

Nestle, Chokella commercial for Haylazz production
"Commercial Production"
"Photo Production"
"Michael Harrison"
"American Express"
Wendy Gordon - Executive Producer

"Creative Artists Agency"
Western Feature Film

Producer Mario Ghersi (left) on location

Checking equipment on a location scout

360 degree shot on a river

Giving instructions to a group of divers

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