Producer Mario Ghersi
during shooting in the Copahue location
(Patagonia Argentina)
Cerfificate of INCAA

Demo reel 3D - 2012

Film Production Argentina
Laprida 1437 PB
C1425EKI Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mario A. Ghersi, Producer (CV)
Cel (54-911) 5742-1522

Tim Thomas / Max Penner
7011 Hayvenhurst Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone: +1 (818) 785-3100
Fax: +1 (818) 785-3313

Our company frequently works in Los Angeles. Ask for references in the following companies:

Byll Williams, Los Angeles

Evergreen Films, LLC, Los Angeles

L.A. Studio, Universal City

Todd/AO, Hollywood

All Payments Services, Hollywood

Calliope Films, Beverly Hills

Gvirtzman Dubbing Services, Malibu

4MC, Universal City

CED, Cunninghan, Escott, Dipenne, Los Angeles

CFI, Hollywood

Landmark Entertainment Inc., Hollywood

Edward Technologies, Beverly Hills

California State University, Dr. Michael Fels, Los Angeles

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