We offer a wide range of production services for International motion picture productions.

Click here to see the full list of feature films shot in Argentina depicting our fantantics landscapes.


Highlander II was a great experience for us.

Julio Serna -production supervisor-
Mario Ghersi -computer graphics supervisor-

AWAFI director Julio Serna, supervising Christopher Lambert (old Connor Macleod).

Computer graphics for The Shield Corporation set.

Large outdoor set for Highlander II.

A scene from Highlander II.

Large set built at the Buenos Aires docks

Lambert and Serna on a Buenos Aires location.

At present, our company is working on international motion picture projects and developments.

Information for the development

The following pictures are scenes and backstage photos done by our production company.

Shooting in the Atlantic ocean.

Studio setup for special effects.

Fireman in action during a take.

Discussing a shot on a sea location.

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