We produce films for marketing and attraction purposes in many formats, including stereoscopic films.

We developed the "Ride Your Products" concept to make Products and Services applications a fun experience.


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All our developments are at the following link:

"La Rural" was the first 360 corporate presentation made for Ogden Rural S.A. the International Exhibition Center Argentina.

"Zeneca" Four ride films with scripts related to product applications, using an Iman Creative Inc. ten-person motion simulator.

"Marlboro 3D Experience" An immersive film in a truck-theatre of 19 seats, developed by Landmark Entertainment.


"YPF" An amazing trip inside a car engine, using an American Engineering ten-person simulator.


"THE GATE" An exhilerating ride under a domed screen with special sets that allow you to feel the experience of travelling to places out of reach.

"ZOO 3D+" A large-screen stereoscopic film production about experiences in the animal world.

"SOCCER 3D" Gives you a chance to be a pro and to enjoy a soccer game with a famous player.

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