The Gate is a multi-faceted theater that provides a complete and exhilarating experience. A 70mm, 15 perf. simulated ride film projected on a wide domescreen allows the audience to experience the thrill of travelling to out-of-reach places.

PreShow: While in line visitors learn about the show as they walk through five different interactive sets.

The Show: Visitors take a seat under the special 180 degree domescreen--the core of this experience.

PostShow: As visitors leave the theater, lifesize props continue the adventure into the real world. At the exit, coming attractions decorate the walls. A merchandise store and theme bar provide added opportunity to share the memory.

The Gate is designed true to AWAFI's "HS" concept. The building is HARDWARE and remains always. The films and sets are SOFTWARE, easily changing for different experiences.


Building Exterior

Floor Plan with Scketchs and CGI Design

"Ride the Ocean" Storyboard

"Ride to the Moon" Storyboard

"Ride to the Moon" Concepts

"Ride with the Whales" Storyboard

"Ride to Patagonia" Storyboard

"Ride to Mars" Storyboard

"Ride to Antartica" Storyboard

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