Encountering the most beautiful, dangerous and funny animals from around the world,

Zoo 3D is a large-screen stereoscopic film production about experiences in the wild kingdom.


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3D titles in production:


Encounter with Animals
A young boy becomes homesick during a safari in Africa, only to be saved by a little monkey that befriends him. Together they make
contact with Africa's most beautiful wild animals.


Dinosaurs of Patagonia
A group of dinosaurs survives through the centuries in a forbidden Patagonian sanctuary. A female scientist exploring the Andes finds traces of these undocumented creatures. Very soon she will discover the most dangerous dinosaur ever recorded: the Carnosaurus.


A Day in Antarctica
An amazing trip to the far South, going over the white steppes of Antartica. Encounters with penguins, sea lions and blue whales highlight a fantastic journey through the dramatic landscape of ice, water and broad skies.

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