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Jenny Kubor
Producer, Science Programming


Show #1: Middle Jurassic.

Show #2: Late Cretaceous.


 We are hoping to film backplates for CGI for a documentary film about dinosaurs, sometime in early December.

We would potentially need someone to scout locations (or send pictures), arrange permits for filming in locations incl. possible National parks, and a fixer/guide to be with us and the film crew for the duration of the shoot. Our crew would be about 3 people from the USA, and we would possibly need a local grip in addition to the guide and drivers.

We are shooting on HD Varicam and will bring appropriate gear.

We're looking for locations for middle Jurassic as well as late Cretaceous. Lots of pines, ferns, and other flora/faunathat could replicate the era.

The scenes will be natural history but not the entire film - just a few scenes, so the shoot should be about 4-5 days per show, and we'll probably need about 4 different looking locations each.

Some possible locations that were suggested to us are:
Copahue Provincial Park

We would need to do something similar to the Discovery dinosaur shows. Not necessarily foreground plates, but the whole shot as a plate. We would need to do greenscreen elements as well, so would need a local grip, fixer/guide, and drivers.

Our crew would be producer, CGI producer, cameraman.

We would need permits, food/accomodation arragement assistance, etc.

We probably need about 4 different locations and have about 4-5 shooting days per show. We have two shows - one in the middle Jurassic timeframe, the other is late Cretaceous.  

We have flora/fauna list for middle Jurassic where our dinosaurs lived which I received from the scientist.

We're working with the CGI company as well as the scientists, and still in the phase of brainstorming possible locations that would be scientifically accurate for the stories.

We need visas for Argentina (journalist visas) for a film production crew

We would bring down a lot of gear & equipment for HD. We would also need assistance with customs clearance and would like to know what type of equipment list we need.

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